Orientation & Tips

Terschelling is for many one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands. We have been coming there since the seventies, in all seasons, and cannot get enough of it.


Beach, dunes, forest, mudflats, heathland, meadows all combined with cozy villages, nice beach bars, old farmhouses, cozy restaurants, pubs. When the weather is not too good in the Netherlands, it always appears to be better on Terschelling. Probably because the sun shines more often, but undoubtedly also its unique holiday atmosphere.

“I always go out to the beach first. 350 meters wide. Searching for the right words. Looking for the right chords. I walk there along the surf. Hour after hour and foot after foot. Then they will come. All I need to do is grab them and write them down. To play my guitar. With the seagulls as my audience.”

– Ellen ten Damme, singer/musician.

The island offers plenty of rest, but also fun, endless beaches, kilometers of shell bike paths and lots of variety. There are year-round fun events on the island. Terschelling and Midsland are the largest villages. To the North of Midsland, a 10 minute bike ride will bring you to Midsland aan Zee. Not too far from anything, yet at the same time very tranquil and near the delightful beach.





Strandpaviljoen “De Branding”, near the holiday homes, open all year round: www.strandpaviljoenterschelling.nl

Very cozy cafe “De Rustende Jager” in Formerum, open year round: www.rustendejager.com

“Hessel & Tess” the famous Terschelling café with live performances. Year-round open: www.groeneweide.nl


midsland aan zee 430a - www.klump.nl